busy bees

It’s been a busy month for us. Joost is training hard for a skate marathon in Austria next week, and I’m fighting a deadline I’m afraid I’m not quite  going to make. Luckily Marit started pre-K which means that I have 2 mornings for myself every week. I really can use the extra time, because I find it hard to juggle all the balls of a working-at-home mother. I guess I haven’t been very ‘zen’ lately, because Joost came home with a bunch of thistles for me… he said they were prickly, like my moods. Luckily I love thistles!

Marit is also trying to tell me something. She obviously thinks I’m making drawings for Sinterklaas becuase I keep finding my work rolled up in my shoe in front of the fireplace.

On the other hand the snow outside is too inviting to stay inside all day and its not often in Holland that you can pick your kids up from school with a sled. My mother in law visited from South Africa last week. She experienced the Dutch winter at its very best!

There’s us worker B’s but there’s also the Queen B.  Queen Beatrix announced this week that she will step down (I’m sure there’s a better word for it) from the thrown in April. After 33 years, she’s passing the reign over to her son. I’m surprised I was so emotional when I watched her speech on tv.  I guess living abroad all this time has made me a whole lot more patriotic than I ever was. Coincidentally we’ve had this old postcard with her portrait on the wall for a while now.. .I found it while unpacking, and hung it up because I couldn’t be bothered looking for the box it must have fallen out of. I guess we’ll leave it hanging now. All of a sudden it’s appropriate.


Happy New Year!

I really need to update this blog with all the cards I’ve been making and I told myself it should be one of my good new resolutions. However I’m finding it difficult to make time for anything at the moment. Especially with this very exciting project I’m working on that I hope I can show off to you in april.

it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

DSC_0022last week got us all exited about Christmas with snowfall and sub zero temperatures. It didn’t last very long, but it got us all in the mood and we went and decorated our tree early this year. Actually it’s our first real Christmas tree.


frangipani fien

Our friends in Oman had the perfect outside terrace under an old frangipani tree with 1001 arabian nights lamps hanging from its branches. The best memories from our time there come from sitting under that tree…  so when they asked me to make a birth announcement for their little girl I knew it had to be something with that tree. I had it printed on old fashioned paper(oud Hollands geschept), and this is the result.


preparing for a wonderful christmas time

Like every year Christmas tat’s been for sale in the shops since October, and every year I plan to join in and sell some Christmas cards… and every year I’m too late. This time I was on track, but got side tracked by some very exciting opportunities. Therefore I’m not going to be able to fill an online shop with Christmas cards, but I have got one product that I’d like to show you all. It’s a set of 8 gift labels, ideal for presents or table cards. You can buy a set of 8 through Etsy.




summer’s end


summer is over, and although I love the changing seasons, and Autumn in particular, I’m so sad that it we’ll have to wait till summer again to sit outside in our patio. Luckily the beach is around the corner and there’s nothing nicer than a quick walk on the beach with the kids and the dog in this half rain/half sunshine kind of weather. If the wind is right Joost takes his kite surf along. It’s days like this that I’m so happy we moved to this part of Holland.

breakfast at Stephanie’s

It’s been ages since I updated anything on this blog. We’ve had a busy few months because we’ve moved into our new house. I’m over the moon with it, and so happy to have all our furniture back. This weekend we had breakfast in the garden with our parents and sisters. It was great to finally serve food on proper plates again, instead of the plastic throw-away stuff we’ve been using for so long.

I guess that it’s now time to pick up the loose ends at by JOE and JULES again too… see if I can get some orders in.